About me

Hi, I am Akshay Borate aka ­­­­Mr.Digiwino.

Who I am?

A 22 years old Digital Marketer.

This is the fourth line, and no still I am not gonna say that I am a Digital Marketing Expert in Pune or India. Why to read that boring and same ‘About me’ section every time?

Want to know about me?

Read this story.

It all started in 2012. Back then, I was 15 years old. I often used to visit Internet café. Spent hundreds of rupees, just for the sake of Facebook. I was crazy. I had become an Internet addict. A good internet addict!

Nothing inspiring, no? Rather, I am defaming myself.

Well, not at all.

As I grew older, my love of Facebook and Internet got matured. And I became a full time Social Media Marketer. LOVE SUCCESS!

This matured love taught me, all these Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on are not only for chatting and posting photographs. Rather we can use it for marketing businesses.

I realized that there are 2 billion plus people use social media and internet, which means I have a chance to use my addiction and creativity to put businesses in front of these people. Yes, of course I started learning Marketing furthermore.

Marketing study + My Digital Love made me a Digital Marketer!

In the world of full of Digital Marketing Experts, I am an addict who use his addiction to help people in their businesses. FREE OF COST! If you don’t have time and want someone to do it for you, then I may charge, otherwise I am a born Leo, helpful in nature.

I co-host India’s first Marathi language Digital Marketing Podcast, The Marathi Podcast! You can listen us sharing our Digital Marketing knowledge, also we interview the best people in the business. They share their journey, experiences. It can definitely helpful to you.

Writing is my favorite hobby. Besides the podcast, I write blogs on Marketing and Digital Marketing. So if you don’t like to listen podcasts, you can read my blogs. If you like podcasts, still you can read. Reading is what make us a sophisticated human being.

The next question, Why I am doing this? Why this help? What’s my benefit? Am I correct? Yes, I can read your mind. One of my God’s gifts.

So yes, I help because I am bit selfish. To share my thoughts, I actually have to do research and practical implementation of the same. There is very good saying in our Marathi, “ Dnyaan Dilyaane Dnyaan Vaadhte “, which means as you share your knowledge, you gain more knowledge automatically.

And, I want that!